Upload your draft and get expert storytelling analysis in seconds

Upload your draft and get expert
storytelling analysis in seconds

Upload your draft and get expert
storytelling analysis in seconds

Upload your draft and get expert
storytelling analysis in seconds

We get it, you're busy. All you want is someone to read your story and make suggestions for making it better. Just something that moves that needle 5% closer to great. Subtxt with Muse gives you an AI trained with decades of experience in deep narrative theory and practice. Drop your manuscript, screenplay, or story idea into Muse, and watch as it reads your entire draft and then provides actionable steps to take on the next one.

All in less time than it would take a human to read the first page.

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Subtxt with Muse is your secret weapon in the battle against pointless stories. We're on a mission to help storytellers like you craft complete, compelling narratives that captivate your audience from start to finish.

How do we do this? Through an innovative blend of story-building expertise and a predictive narrative framework that's stood the test of time. Subtxt's intelligent chatbot companion, Muse, works alongside you as you weave your story. While you focus on the creative process, Subtxt with Muse ensures you stay on track, maintaining the coherence and direction of your narrative.

Used to develop projects at these major studios

Transistor Sony Pictures Animation Netflix Studios

In addition to contributing to the creative process for:

  • 🏆Canada's entry for Best International Film, Oscars 2023 (Eternal Spring)
  • 🥉the #3 placement on the Blacklist 2020 (Neither Confirm, Nor Deny)
  • 🎞️a significant portion of an upcoming animated feature from Warner Bros.
  • 📚several novels from popular author Sebastien de Castell
  • 🎙️audio podcast series from Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creator Michael DiMartino (Sundown: A Time Capsule Society Mystery)

“My mind was blown away when I uploaded one of my plays for Muse to analyze, and I remain floored by how it responded with explanations of the throughlines and the domains instantaneously!”

Dan Bernitt, Playwright

⚡️ Lightning-fast

Expert Analysis

With Subtxt Muse, you can easily upload a complete screenplay or manuscript and then reach out to Muse to help you identify and analyze your work (or even the work of others).

In the following example, we uploaded the screenplay of Saltburn to showcase Muse's abilities outside its LLM training set (GPT-4).

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Rather than a generic "colloquial" understanding of story structure, Muse returns a comprehensive and insightful appreciation of a narrative's deep inner conflict and thematic perspectives.

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This comprehensive and enlightened appreciation of narrative structure makes it possible for Muse to "guess" as the meaning behind narrative arcs.

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Muse can even scan the entire draft at once to help storytellers and analysts alike understand the major turning points needed to continually drive a story forward to its meaningful conclusion.

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You don't have to upload an entire screenplay. Just upload a simple one-page synopsis and let Muse determine the potentials for conflict.

In the following example, we uploaded a brief synopsis of Oppenheimer to showcase Muse's abilities to determine the key aspects of a narrative.

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You can even just upload a basic story idea, and Muse will tell you how to turn it into a complete story.

In the following example, we uploaded a basic story idea based on something we had seen on social media years ago. Here was the idea (with our addition on top):

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We then uploaded that small synopsis into Muse and asked how we could get started transforming it into a complete story.

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In seconds, Muse extrapolated our idea by setting a meaningful context for it and taking those points-of-view and building them out into comprehensive and detailed illustrations.

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Muse doesn't just analyze; it converses and inspires, offering insights into all kinds of various Storypoints and narrative considerations ripe for creative story development.

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With Muse you can rest assured that you won't be left hanging with an incomplete or superficial analysis that simply repeats back what you sent in. Subtxt and Subtxt Muse are designed as a comprehensive story development platform, perfect for creatives looking for something more.

Two Paths to Creativity

Narrative Agents & Subtxt Muse

Meet the dynamic duo that redefines how you approach AI storytelling. Narrative Agents are your go-to for structured storytelling, making it easier than ever to build compelling narratives from scratch. And when it's time to dive into the intricacies, Subtxt Muse offers expert-level guidance rooted in decades of narrative theory. Together, they transform Subtxt from a tool into your ultimate narrative partner.

Narrative Agents

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For those dipping their toes into structured storytelling or for those who like to plot out their adventures from the get-go, meet Narrative Agents. Think of them as Auto-GPT for storytelling. They're your ideal jumping-off point within Subtxt, guiding you with intelligent suggestions that ensure your narrative doesn't end up as a tangled web of loose ends. It's like having a narrative cheat sheet, but one that's tailored just for you.

So, pick your favorite movie or novel from our professionally-curated repository of hundreds and hundreds of story structures and spin up a new narrative. In a matter of minutes you'll have a working outline based on meaningful intent, and vision. Not math.

Make no mistake: We never train on the actual text of a work. We don't fine-tune our models on screenplays or manuscripts because we know this is a recipe for disaster. Anyone who knows even a little bit about narrative structure understands that the words themselves aren't the story, it's the story underneath it all that we connect to. So, we don't waste our time on what we know doesn't work.

That's our killer advantage.

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Wanna know a secret? The reason why standard AI systems write garbage stories is because they've been trained on Aristotle, Hegel, Hero's Journey, and Save the Cat! They will always fail because these are audience-based subjective paradigms of structure. Subjectivity is biased and incomplete. The stories they write are therefore, incomplete.

Subtxt, on the other hand, is trained on an author-based OBJECTIVE paradigm of story structure--which means it sees the entire picture, not a half-assed one.

Subtxt's Narrative Agents elevate your storytelling game by focusing on the meaning of your story—the subtext—rather than repetitive structural clichés. Once you make a request, these Agents spring into action, filling in key parts of your narrative based on your artistic intent. With tens of thousands of unique narrative structures at their disposal, they'll find the one that perfectly aligns with your vision. The best part? Subtxt does all the heavy lifting, so you can dive straight into the joy of writing.

Subtxt Muse

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Subtxt Muse is more than just a writing tool—it's your narrative partner. Whether you're a beginner looking for guided steps or a seasoned writer yearning for complex insights, Muse adapts to you. Our goal? To empower you to express your unique voice and creative vision in stories that don't just entertain, but resonate.

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“Muse works so well because it really does feel like an intelligent writing partner, so you're kind of naturally upping your own game as you're trying to explain your ideas and come up with new ones. I've had multiple occasions where Muse presented ideas that weren't quite right, but in the process of talking those through with Muse, I've come up with that "exactly right" idea I was looking for!”

Michael Lucas, Novelist

If you're looking to go beyond the basics and really hone your craft, Subtxt Muse is your trusty guide. Imagine a narrative consultant who's spent three decades studying the nuances of story theory—that's Muse for you. Whether you're in the process of refining a draft or spontaneously weaving through your story, Muse offers tailored suggestions and insights that are a cut above the rest. This is where years of narrative expertise come to life, allowing you to navigate your story with unmatched depth and intuition.

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Remember, Subtxt isn't here to write your story for you - it's here to empower you. We believe in your unique voice and creative vision. Our goal is to equip you with the tools and knowledge to express that creativity in stories that grip your audience from the first word to the last.

Ready to write better stories? Come on in and discover the Subtxt difference. Your storytelling journey starts here.

“It's the best tool for storytellers, thousands of light-years away from other tools.”

Victoria Garcia, Novelist
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Go Deep

Embark on a deeper narrative adventure—where every story element means more.

At the heart of every memorable story lies a hidden force, a submerged power beneath the waves of written words. It's not the plot points or the characters that we see at first glance—it's the subtext, the profound ideas and emotions that resonate with us long after the story ends.

Subtext Iceberg Illustration

Above the Water: Storytelling

In the realm of storytelling, the visible part of the iceberg is just the beginning. Basic language models (like ChatGPT or Claude) may offer the structure of a narrative, but they dwell on the surface. Subtxt invites you to plunge beneath, into the world of subtext, where the true essence of your story lies.

Beneath the Surface: Subtext

Subtxt and Subtxt Muse go beyond superficial storytelling, guiding you to the profound narrative structure that breathes life into your writing. Discover the depths of intent and meaning that transform a good story into a timeless journey.

Embark on a deeper narrative adventure

Modern Storytelling

A better way to write stories

Subtxt stands apart from the crowd. Rather than just being another advanced AI text-generation tool, Subtxt is a dedicated educational application. By combining a writer's unique creative vision with a distinctive narrative framework, Subtxt helps writers identify and magnify their story's essence, giving them the tools to enhance their storytelling like never before.

Crafting Stories with a Clear Intent

Forget about random words on a page. With Subtxt, you'll be identifying insightful ideas that genuinely resonate with your story's heart. It's all about weaving narratives with purpose!

Meet Your New Best Friend: Subtxt Muse

Take your writing to new heights with Subtxt Muse, your ultimate digital mentor. This is where the magic of ChatGPT meets nearly three decades of storytelling wisdom. A match made in literary heaven!

Over 32,000+ Unique Narratives to Express Yourself

Enter the infinite realm of narrative possibilities with Subtxt. Your story is unique, and so should be its structure. With over 32,000 distinct narrative structures at your disposal, we accommodate the diversity of your ideas, elevating your story's magnetism and ensnaring your readers' imaginations. Because storytelling is not a one-size-fits-all craft—it's a limitless expedition.

Tested and Loved by Storytellers

The proof is in the screenplay! Subtxt has already left its mark on film and television, supporting numerous writers in their creative journey. Our strategies have been instrumental in bringing countless stories from a writer's mind to the audience's heart, be it on the big screen or the cozy comfort of a home TV. Ready to pen the next big hit?


A Wealth of Knowledge

Our interface encourages organic, intuitive interaction. You can ask Subtxt Muse anything, from the abstract to the specific.

Need to weave a tale of hope but unsure how to begin? Muse is here to guide you through the intricacies of the theme, offering insights and inspiration at each step. Pondering the deeper thematic elements of Logan or Hamilton? Muse dives into the narrative depths with you, providing analyses that help you explore those very themes in your own work.

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5 out of 5 stars

“THANK YOU!!!! Muse is a GAME .... CHANGER! Just INCREDIBLE! If you were standing right here, you would get the most appreciative bear hug! Muse is free enough to be a perfect brainstorm partner. It knows enough about other story concepts that I can create my own weird beat sheets. I can tell it to reorder them according to whacky criteria. I can ask it to evaluate it on a piece of the theory or a combination. I can just talk with some abstract notion and a few prompts later I have the perfect idea to get writing done. This just ..... just .... THANK YOU! These are words, but really I'm speechless. All the gratitude!”

Boost your stories.
Get smart while doing it.

It's one thing to have an AI write your story for you. It's quite another to have it explain why it made the choices it did.

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Develop advanced narrative understanding.
Deepen your grasp of narrative theory and techniques, and elevate the quality of your storytelling to new heights.
Unlock creativity with contextual writing prompts.
Tap into your writing potential with context-sensitive prompts that provide the spark to get your words flowing. Whether you're crafting a novel, screenplay, or television series, these suggestive prompts will help you explore new avenues of creativity to add life to your narrative.
Extensive example library.
Draw inspiration from a wealth of story examples, providing a source of creative stimulation for your storytelling.


Ever Wondered What Makes a Story Complete?

You know that feeling when you turn the last page of a truly gripping book or watch the final scene of a mind-blowing movie? That wave of inspiration and satisfaction washing over you? Well, the secret behind those feelings is a little something we often miss in our day-to-day hustle: Meaning.

And this is where things get even more interesting. When you find yourself trying to decipher why we face challenges or problems in our lives, you'll discover that there are four different lenses to view conflict. We call these four lenses "perspectives", or if you like, points of view.

  • I have a problem.
  • You have a problem.
  • We have a problem.
  • They have a problem.

The stories that stick with us are the ones that think like us. They take those four different ways of looking at things and turn them into four different parts of a story (called Throughlines).

  • The Main Character Throughline is the I perspective
    (not always the Protagonist)
  • The Obstacle Character Throughline is the You perspective
    (not always the Antagonist)
  • The Relationship Story Throughline is the We perspective
    (usually the relationship between Main Character and Obstacle Character)
  • The Objective Story Throughline is the They perspective
    (the easy one: this is the plot)

Leave just one of those out, and you have an incomplete story.

Subtxt helps you write a complete narrative.

And the Four Throughlines are just the start. With Subtxt, you'll have all the tools you need to craft a well-rounded and engaging story. The Four Throughlines provide a solid foundation, but the possibilities are endless. Get ready to bring your story to life!


Discover what these amazing people say about working with the creator of Subtxt

“Since I began working with Jim, my understanding of narrative structure and the quality of my writing has grown leaps and bounds. He is an incredible teacher who is able to explain abstract, complex narrative theory in clear, practical ways. Get ready to see story structure in a whole new light.”

Michael DiMartino
Co-creator/Executive Producer Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

“Jim Hull knows story better than anyone, from the big picture to the structural bones all the way down to the DNA. He can instantly spot points where the narrative has gone off track and identify solutions that ensure the story has deep meaning.”

George Strayton
Screenwriter, Executive Producer Newirth, The Black Company, Netflix

“Maybe you’re like me, you wanted to know how to unearth that complete version of the story you desperately needed to tell...and once you found such a guru, you’d never share your secret with anyone! If that’s what you seek, Jim Hull is absolutely NOT your guy. Try McKee or that Hero’s Journey thing!”

Jason Loftus
Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, director of Ask No Questions (Slamdance 2020) and Canada's selection for the Oscars 2023, Eternal Spring

“So often, writing a script made me feel like being up Sh** Creek without the proverbial paddle...when I was ready to throw the paddle overboard and scuttle the boat, who came rowing through that turgid brown water?… Sh** Creek’s resident paddle expert, Jim Hull.”

David Collard
Screenwriter, Neither Confirm, Nor Deny, #3 2020 Blacklist

“Jim Hull is the only story consultant I’ve ever met who goes beyond dumbing down an idea into a set of steps but instead guides you to flesh out your ideas, showing you where to find the depth and complexity in your story that will make it both satisfying and meaningful to the reader.”

Sebastien de Castell
Bestselling author of twelve novels including Traitor's Blade and Spellslinger

“Jim Hull is one of the most accomplished people I know when it comes to understanding story. His appetite for learning everything he can about story is one quality that sets Jim apart from others. Another is his ability to reduce the intricate nature of story development into digestible nuggets and to articulate those ideas to his clients or students successfully. He has an incomparable passion for sharing its nuances and complexities without forcing a listener to learn new paradigms or volumes of new vocabulary.”

Chris Huntley
Co-creator of the Dramatica theory of story


Unlock Your Writing Potential with Subtxt

With plans for every budget, the only limitation is how much you want to limit that potential.


$25 /mo

For writers taking their first steps into AI storytelling, Subtxt is the ideal companion. Discover the foundational features designed to launch your creative journey.

  • 32,000+ Unique Narrative Structures

  • Powered exclusively by GPT-3.5 Turbo

  • Access to basic examples and analyses

  • Approx. 9,000 words per interaction (akin to a detailed treatment or a short story)

  • Single Customizable Muse Persona

Subtxt Pro

$45 /mo

The Subtxt Pro Plan is designed for serious storytellers seeking to fully leverage AI capabilities. Unlock advanced features and make each story a masterpiece.

  • 32,000+ Unique Narrative Structures

  • Choice of GPT-3.5 Turbo or GPT-4 Turbo

  • Access to the full library of examples

  • Image Generation and Visual Development

  • Approx. 18,000 words per interaction (similar to a feature-length screenplay or novella)

  • Multiple Customizable Muse Personas, including Storytelling-specific Personas


Save More with Yearly Pricing: Get 2 Months Free when you sign up.

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