Write a better story
with an AI trained specifically on theme

Write a better story
with an AI trained on theme

Write a better story
with an AI trained on theme

Write a better story
with an AI trained on theme

Subtxt is a unique narrative framework that easily identifies story holes, while generating thematically-consistent content to fill in the blanks. We train on the underlying meaning of a text, not the text itself. As a result, you can rest assured that you're not wasting your time regurgitating an AI model's foundational data.

Combined with Muse, our story development guru trained on over 30 years of narrative exploration, Subtxt saves you time while helping you write a better story.

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Subtxt with Muse is your secret weapon in the battle against pointless stories. We're on a mission to help storytellers like you craft complete, compelling narratives that captivate your audience from start to finish.

How do we do this? Through an innovative blend of story-building expertise and a predictive narrative framework that's stood the test of time. Subtxt's intelligent chatbot companion, Muse, works alongside you as you weave your story. While you focus on the creative process, Subtxt with Muse ensures you stay on track, maintaining the coherence and direction of your narrative.

Used to develop projects at these major studios

Transistor Sony Pictures Animation Netflix Studios

In addition to contributing to the creative process for:

  • 🏆Canada's entry for Best International Film, Oscars 2023 (Eternal Spring)
  • 🥉the #3 placement on the Blacklist 2020 (Neither Confirm, Nor Deny)
  • 🎞️a significant portion of an upcoming animated feature from Warner Bros.
  • 📚several novels from popular author Sebastien de Castell
  • 🎙️audio podcast series from Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creator Michael DiMartino (Sundown: A Time Capsule Society Mystery)

Take control of the story development process

Take control of the story development process

Take control of the story development process

Take control of the story development process

Improve your understanding of narrative theory, while staying true to your voice. ❤️

We understand—the journey from good to great storytelling is a personal one. You're not just looking for feedback; you're seeking a partner who respects your voice and guides you towards your vision. That's where Subtxt with Muse shines. Imagine an AI, not just any AI, but one steeped in the nuances of narrative theory and its use in real-world practical application. Muse becomes your personal story consultant, offering insights and suggestions that resonate with your intention and style.

Your vision, your voice, your story, amplified by Muse's intelligent assistance.

"I'm convinced the new Muse in Subtxt Infinite is nearly psychic. All I have to do is feed it my stream of consciousness notes and it turns it into something organized and usable, which I can plunk into the Storyforming engine. It's magic. When I query it about my MC it's like it's picking the thoughts straight out of my head."

Subtxt Infinite subscriber

Not just another AI wrapper

The Subtxt Advantage

The reason why standard AI systems write garbage stories is because they've been trained on Aristotle, Hegel, Hero's Journey, and Save the Cat! They will always fail because these are audience-based subjective paradigms of structure. Subjectivity is biased and incomplete. The stories they write are therefore, biased and incomplete.

Subtxt, on the other hand, is trained on an author-based OBJECTIVE paradigm of story structure—which means it sees what a typical LLM can't see.

Subtxt with Muse inserts this context in-between the writer and the AI, making its responses far more inteligent than anything else out there.

"+1 for Subtxt...Amazing execution. Jim is quietly and by himself building something more sophisticated than most AI startups right now.”

Rob Lennon, AI Whisperer

Insightful and Enlightening

A better collaborator

Subtxt with Muse is more than just an LLM, it's an AI packed with over 30 years of narrative expertise. Upload your most current draft, and instantly start finding ways to improve your work.


We NEVER train on the text of previous works (or your work). Anyone who knows even a little about narrative structure knows that training on the text is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, we train on the subtext of completed works. We align with the author's intention and purpose in writing their story.

And if you don't know what you want to say, we can help with that too.

When you write with Muse, you write with the world's leading expert in story structure and narrative theory—only this one is infinitely patient (and always available).

(Even if your work has been nominated for a Best Picture and Best Screenplay) 😄
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(and no, we don't think "The Holdovers" needs improving)

“My mind was blown away when I uploaded one of my plays for Muse to analyze, and I remain floored by how it responded with explanations of the throughlines and the domains instantaneously!”

Dan Bernitt, Playwright

⚡️ Feature-Rich

More than just a chatbot

Subtxt comes with everything you need to develop a complete and meaningful story.

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Narrative Agents
Ideal for those new to the concept of building structure around thematic intent, Subtxt's Narrative Agents take on the task of quickly scaffolding out the most important & major beats of your next story.
Subtxt Muse
Converse with the world's most knowledgeable story development expert, trained on over three decades of intense study. Upload your current draft, or most recent scene, and let Muse guide you towards making it better.
Premise Builder
Subtxt Muse Image
Premise Builder
Discover the true essence of your story's intention, and craft a detailed and structured narrative around the message you wish to convey.
Explore hundreds of professionally-curated analyses designed to get you up and running with the kind of story you want to tell.
Subtxt Storyforms
Storyform Connections
Storyform Connections
Compare and contrast the deep thematic structures of similar narratives across different Genres and Sub-genres.
Storyteller's Lexicon
Develop a greater understanding of the forces that drive a narrative and create the kind of story that lasts beyond your lifetime.
Sroryteller's Lexicon

🎓 Insightful and Patient

The world's best teacher

Muse is always there for you, ready to help explain complex narrative aspects behind award-winning and celebrated stories.

Subtxt is not just for screenplays

Anyone who tells you that a novel has a different "structure" than a play, a musical, or a film hasn't really thought very deeply about how stories work.

We, on the other hand, have.

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Vintage Diving Bell Illustration

Go Deep

Embark on a deeper narrative adventure—where every story element means more.

At the heart of every memorable story lies a hidden force, a submerged power beneath the waves of written words. It's not the plot points or the characters that we see at first glance—it's the subtext, the profound ideas and emotions that resonate with us long after the story ends.

Subtxt Iceberg Illustration

Above the Water: Storytelling

In the realm of storytelling, the visible part of the iceberg is just the beginning. Basic language models (like ChatGPT or Claude) may offer the structure of a narrative, but they dwell on the surface. Subtxt invites you to plunge beneath, into the world of subtext, where the true essence of your story lies.

Beneath the Surface: Subtxt

Subtxt and Subtxt Muse go beyond superficial storytelling, guiding you to the profound narrative structure that breathes life into your writing. Discover the depths of intent and meaning that transform a good story into a timeless journey.

Embark on a deeper narrative adventure


Discover what these amazing people say about working with the creator of Subtxt

“Since I began working with Jim, my understanding of narrative structure and the quality of my writing has grown leaps and bounds. He is an incredible teacher who is able to explain abstract, complex narrative theory in clear, practical ways. Get ready to see story structure in a whole new light.”

Michael DiMartino
Co-creator/Executive Producer Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

“Jim Hull knows story better than anyone, from the big picture to the structural bones all the way down to the DNA. He can instantly spot points where the narrative has gone off track and identify solutions that ensure the story has deep meaning.”

George Strayton
Screenwriter, Executive Producer Newirth, The Black Company, Netflix

“Maybe you’re like me, you wanted to know how to unearth that complete version of the story you desperately needed to tell...and once you found such a guru, you’d never share your secret with anyone! If that’s what you seek, Jim Hull is absolutely NOT your guy. Try McKee or that Hero’s Journey thing!”

Jason Loftus
Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, director of Ask No Questions (Slamdance 2020) and Canada's selection for the Oscars 2023, Eternal Spring

“So often, writing a script made me feel like being up Sh** Creek without the proverbial paddle...when I was ready to throw the paddle overboard and scuttle the boat, who came rowing through that turgid brown water?… Sh** Creek’s resident paddle expert, Jim Hull.”

David Collard
Screenwriter, Neither Confirm, Nor Deny, #3 2020 Blacklist

“Jim Hull is the only story consultant I’ve ever met who goes beyond dumbing down an idea into a set of steps but instead guides you to flesh out your ideas, showing you where to find the depth and complexity in your story that will make it both satisfying and meaningful to the reader.”

Sebastien de Castell
Bestselling author of twelve novels including Traitor's Blade and Spellslinger

“Jim Hull is one of the most accomplished people I know when it comes to understanding story. His appetite for learning everything he can about story is one quality that sets Jim apart from others. Another is his ability to reduce the intricate nature of story development into digestible nuggets and to articulate those ideas to his clients or students successfully. He has an incomparable passion for sharing its nuances and complexities without forcing a listener to learn new paradigms or volumes of new vocabulary.”

Chris Huntley
Co-creator of the Dramatica theory of story


Unlock Your Writing Potential

With plans for every budget, the only limitation is how much you want to extend the boundless reaches of your imagination.



For writers taking their first steps into AI storytelling, Subtxt is the ideal companion. Discover the foundational features designed to launch your creative journey.

$25 /month

Buy plan
  • 32,000+ Unique Narrative Structures
  • Standard Model for Subtxt AI tools
  • Rate-limited access to the Advanced model for Muse
  • Upload single document per conversation (up to 2MB)
  • Single Customizable Muse Persona

Subtxt Pro


The Subtxt Pro Plan is designed for serious storytellers seeking to fully leverage AI capabilities. Unlock advanced features and make each story a masterpiece.

$45 /month

Buy plan
  • 32,000+ Unique Narrative Structures
  • Advanced Model for Subtxt AI tools
  • 5x daily rate-limit of Subtxt tier for Advanced Model in Muse
  • Advanced Storyforming tools
  • Image Generation and VisDev
  • Multiple doc uploads per conversation
  • Multiple Customizable Muse Personas, including Storytelling-specific Personas

Subtxt Infinite

The pinnacle of AI storytelling for professionals, Subtxt Infinite offers "massive" Infinite Memory, transforming ambitious visions into limitless reality.

$250 /month

Buy plan
  • 32,000+ Unique Narrative Structures
  • Advanced Model for Subtxt AI tools
  • No limit Advanced Model for Muse
  • Advanced Storyforming tools
  • Infinite context compared to Subtxt Pro
  • Image Generation and VisDev
  • Multiple doc uploads per conversation
  • Story-specific uploads (Worldbuilding)
  • Multiple Customizable Muse Personas, including Storytelling-specific Personas

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