the origin of conflict

Profound Family

ability desire

ability: innate capacity, capability, talent for, inherent proficiency

desire: drive, motivational goal, unfulfillment, source of discontent, essence of motivation

Actuality Perception

Actuality: the true state of things, objective reality, factuality, demonstrable existence, demonstrable reality

Perception: appearance, how things seem to be, discernment, a particular reading of things, a point of view on reality, a way of seeing

Aware Self-aware

Aware: outward perceptiveness, external sensitivity, consciousness of the external, responsive

Self-aware: self-conscious, conscious of one's existence, self-perceiving, self-appreciating, self-cognizant

Equity Inequity

Equity: balance, fairness, parity, equilibrium, level, even

Inequity: imbalance, unfair, disparity, unequal, uneven, disproportionate

Inertia Change

Inertia: tendency to continue, a change resistant pattern, continuation, following an established direction

Change: altering, altering force, modify, reshape, adjust, adapt

knowledge thought

knowledge: learnedness, held truths, authoritative certainty, generally agreed upon truths

thought: the process of consideration, thinking, contemplation, mental attention, running over in your mind

Order Chaos

Order: structure, patterned arrangement, organization, patterned formation, formation, configuration, patterned sequence

Chaos: randomness, anarchy, disorder, formlessness, noncohesion

Projection Speculation

Projection: anticipation, how things will be, most likely, probable

Speculation: prognostication, surmising possibilities, conjecturing

Capable Family

Accurate Deviation

Accurate: within tolerance, sufficient, adequate, acceptable, passable

Deviation: not within tolerance, outside the lines, insufficiency, inadequacy, deficient to the purpose, non-accurate

Effect Cause

Effect: result, consequence, outcome, culmination, the ensuing

Cause: reason for, effector, source, agent, antecedent

Ending Unending

Ending: conclusion, finish, completion, termination, close

Unending: continual, ongoing, perpetual, ceaseless, interminable, incessant, perennial

Expectation Determination

Expectation: anticipated results, eventual outcome, presumed prospects, probable denouement, likely consequences

Determination: ascertaining causes, discovering causes, finding the reasons why, figuring out factors, discerning antecedents

Proven Presumption

Proven: verified, confirmed, corroborated, established, demonstrated, shown

Presumption: unverified, unconfirmed, unestablished, undemonstrated, untried, supposition, conjecture, assumption, unproven

Result Process

Result: ramifications of an effect, consequence, repercussion, impact, end product

Process: chain of interactions, manner of procedure, cause/effect relation, progression, ongoing pull or tendency

Theory Hunch

Theory: structured explanation, concrete hypothesis, systematized descriptive knowledge, description of linear connections

Hunch: intuition, premonition, impression, suspicion

Trust Test

Trust: untried acceptance, untested belief in, accept implicitly, assumed dependability, unquestioned reliance on

Test: trial of validity, examination, audit, inspection, scrutinization

Aspirational Family

Conscience Temptation

Conscience: forgoing for fear of consequences, forgo, forbearance, temperance, abstinence, restraining oneself

Temptation: indulge, embracing immediate benefits, intemperance, immoderation

Consider Reconsider

Consider: deliberate, contemplate, ponder, weigh in the mind, mull

Reconsider: re-examining conclusions, rethinking, to mull over again, further deliberation, additional scrutiny

Control Free

Control: regulate, organized management, steer, conduct, guide, manipulate, focused organization

Free: unregulated, disorganized, unfocused, rampant, unguided, open, frenzy, uncontrolled

Faith Disbelief

Faith: acceptance without proof, steadfast belief, credence, unquestioned trust

Disbelief: refusal to accept, distrust, find unconvincing, find false, unpersuadability

Help Hinder

Help: aid, assist, support, bolster, abet

Hinder: retard, obstruct, impede, fetter, undermine, block, burden, encumber, thwart

Logic Feeling

Logic: linear reasoning, rationality, structural sensibility, syllogistics

Feeling: empathy, emotional sensibility, affective outlook, sentiment, emotional assessment

Pursuit Avoid

Pursuit: seek, go after, attempt to achieve, look for, directed effort

Avoid: evade, dodge, elude, escape, steer clear of, prevent

Support Oppose

Support: commend, extol, endorse, back, compliment, laud

Oppose: object to, speak out against, argue against, protest, dispute, show disapproval of, detract from

Contemplative Family

Acceptance Rejection

Acceptance: acquiescence, tolerance, allowance for, consent, submission

Rejection: run counter to, non-acceptance, decline, repudiate, resist, refusal to compromise

Certainty Potentiality

Certainty: sureness, definiteness, having no doubts, total reliability, indisputability, irrefutability, unmistakability, certitude, conviction

Potentiality: chance, precariousness, focusing on the uncertain, going with the improbable

Deduction Induction

Deduction: drawing a conclusion, process of elimination, demonstrative reasoning, narrowing to a single point

Induction: postulate, predicate, conjecture, infer, hypothesize, determine possibility

Evaluation Re-evaluation

Evaluation: appraisal, analysis, assessment, survey, examination

Re-evaluation: reappraisal, further assessment, subsequent analysis, scrutiny of first impressions

Inaction Protection

Inaction: passive reaction, inactive response, achieve through not doing

Protection: defense, safeguard, preservation, precaution

Proaction Reaction

Proaction: to initiate action, execute, undertake, commit, implement

Reaction: response, reply, acting from stimulus, goaded to action

Probability Possibility

Probability: likelihood, prospective, predictable, promising

Possibility: plausibility, viability, conceivable eventualities, open assessment

Reduction Production

Reduction: determining probability, comparisons of potentiality, measurement of likelihood, judging probabilities

Production: determining potential, noticing possibilities, ruling out future impossibilities, discovering of potential