Taking the Red Pill

Subtxt is a practical application of concepts found in the Dramatica® theory of story. For those new to this process, Subtxt hides both the terminology and complexity found in the theory. This approach allows the new writer all the benefits of those concepts without the burdensome aspects and headaches associated with the complexities of the theory.

If you're familiar with Dramatica, or would like to take a trip down the rabbit hole, head over to your Writer's Preference screen in your account, and turn on the switch marked Advanced Story Structure.

Doing so opens up all references to Dramatica and its full set of narrative Elements, as well as opening up the possibility to break Act-level Storybeats down into their separate Scenes (and those Scenes into their Storybeats).

Story-Specific Settings

In addition to the global setting for Advanced Story Structure found in your Settings Profile, you can also set the level of Story Structure for each story individually.

Go to the Narrative tab within a story and tap the ... icon just below and to the right of your Narrative Premise.

At the very bottom, you'll find a setting labeled Advanced Story Structure. When you first built this story, Subtxt set this setting to your global setting. If you would like to change the way you see this story, simply flip this switch on or off.

If this setting differs from your global setting, Subtxt will honor the setting found here in your story.