Scene Beats

Scene Beats are the smallest level of resolution when it comes to classifying and defining the events of a narrative.

Scene Beats and Character Elements

In Dramatica theory, characters are assigned Character Elements within the context of the Objective Story Throughline. The Protagonist recieves Pursuit and Consider, while the Guardian character gets Help and Hinder. Looking at the very bottom of that Throughline, one finds 64 of these Elements--64 Elements which match and call to mind the very same Scene Beats found in Subtxt.

The Scene Beats in Subtxt do not correlate with the assignation of Character Elements. A Scene that calls for Help Oppose Support Hinder does not mean that it has to be about the Guardian (Help), Skeptic (Oppose), Sidekick (Support), or Contagonist (Hinder). And there is no benefit towards looking at those characters for this specific Scene.

Scene Beats are about WHAT happens within a specific Scene. WHO carries it out is completely up to the Author.