Uploading Alternate Structures

The progression of Signposts and individual Storybeats in Subtxt represent an evolution of Dramatica theory based on decades of study (and additional years putting the Subtxt app together!).

As such, Subtxt uses a slightly different set of algorithms to calculate Signpost and Sequence order. While the latter is given to the biases of subjectivity, you’ll find the progression in Subtxt to be more of a natural fit (in our opinion 😊).

While the Storyforms in Subtxt use the new method, you’re free to use "original" Dramatica to set the path to your story. We honor whichever version fits closer to your vision.

Please note that reports uploaded from the Dramatica application do NOT have access to the specific structural information found in Subtxt's Storybeats. You won't be able to see the Atomic Elements (Situation, Activities, Mentalities, etc.) and you won't be able to break Scene-level Storybeats into their Scene Beats. If you would like to enjoy all that Subtxt has to offer, we strongly suggest you build the story with the Premise Builder.

Uploading from Dramatica

For those writers competent with the Dramatica theory of story, Subtxt offers the ability to upload both the Story Engine Settings Report and the Plot Sequence Report from the Dramatica application.

Subtext Writing Preferences

Saving the Story Engine Settings Report

Within your Dramatica application, go to Reports > Advanced Reports > Story Engine Settings Report (after you determine the ONE storyform).

Turn off ALL the checkboxes above the report.

If on a Mac and running Dramatica Story Expert, choose File > Export Report to generate and save an RTF version of your Story Engine Settings report. Take note of where this file is saved and proceed to the next step.

If on a PC or running an older version of Dramatica (Dramatica Pro), you'll be generating a TXT file. Don't worry--Subtext will recognize the difference. Again, Export the report as indicated above, and take note of where that file is saved.

Make sure you select the right Report for your intended upload. The Story Engine Settings Report represents the Storyform for your narrative. This is the report you select when you Upload a single Storyform into Subtext. The Plot Sequence Report is uploaded within the Narrative itself.

Uploading the Report

Select Upload from the Build Options listed on the left-hand sidebar of Subtext.

Uploading Structure into Subtext

Choose the file you saved from Dramatica in the box marked Story Engine Settings. If creating a story from scratch, leave the next box alone. If uploading a storyform into a story that already exists in Subtext, choose it from the dropdown menu marked Select a Story.

When ready, click Upload to add your storyform.

Subtext processes the report, generates random Illustrations that honor the intent of your storyform, creates some generic characters, and then automatically opens that structure in the Story Development screen.

Your Uploaded Structure

Uploading the Plot Sequence Report

If you would like the ability to break your Storybeats down into even smaller, more detailed Beats you need to upload the Plot Sequence Report from your Dramatica application.

You must upload the Story Engine Settings report FIRST before trying to upload the Plot Sequence Report.

Follow the same instructions above for outputting the Story Engine Settings report, but this time navigate to Reports > Advanced Reports > Plot Sequence Report. Unselect the checkboxes above, and again, choose File > Export Report to generate the appropriate report.

Be sure NOT to accidentally choose the Using the Plot Sequence Material Report. This report is incompatible with Subtext.

Navigate to your Narrative within Subtxt and tap the Advanced navigation tab at the bottom of that Narrative's card (looks like an ellipsis).

Uploading Sequences to Subtext

If you haven't already uploaded a Plot Sequence Report, you'll see a button labeled Add Sequences. Tap this button, navigate to the file you exported from Dramatica (the Plot Sequence Report, NOT the Story Engine Settings report), and tap Upload.

Subtext will import the Plot Sequence Report, add them to their corresponding parent Beats, and generate random Illustrations for each Sequence-sized Beat. You'll know it was a success when the buttom labeled "Add Sequences" changes to Sequences Uploaded.

Uploading Sequences to Subtext

With the Plot Sequence Report uploaded, you will now be able to break your larger Storybeats down into smaller beats using the Breakdown Beat button now located within your individual Storybeats (a downward-pointing arrow that splits into two).

Breaking Down Storybeats