The Treatment View

When you've finished weaving your Storybeats into Scenes, the last step is to review your Storytelling in the Treatment View.

The Treatment View in Subtxt

Here you can make last-minute adjustments to your story without thinking of structure.

This is extremely important to understand: the sooner you can move away from story structure, the sooner you can start writing your story. No one went to a theater, or picks up a book, to read structure--and neither should you overthink and overanalyze your story to the point of paralysis.

There is a reason there is absolutely ZERO story structure here in the Treatment view: you need to move away from it if you're ever to start writing and finishing your story.

The Focus on Storytelling

Referring back to the analogy of the iceberg, only what you see on the surface--the storytelling appears here in the Treatment. Feel free to re-write and clean up the individual instances of storytelling throughout each and every Scene.

Only the Storybeats you have moved into Scenes will show up in the Treatment view.

When you're ready, download the appropriate text file to use in your favorite writing app.

Markdown is for most text-based applications (like iA Writer, Quip, or Pages).

Fountain is a specific version of Markdown strictly for screenplays (like Highland or Slugline).