Downloading Your Treatment

When you're ready, download the appropriate text file to use in your favorite writing app.

Markdown is for most text-based applications (like iA Writer, Quip, or Pages).

Fountain is a specific version of Markdown strictly for screenplays (like Highland or Slugline).

Downloading a Treatment for Use in Fountain Applications

When you select Fountain, the file you download from Subtxt will be named after the Title of your story, and will have an extension of ".fountain".

When you open this file in your favorite Fountain app (e.g., Highland), the Treatment is already formatted and ready to write from with very little effort.

Opening A Subtxt Treatment in Highland

Note how in the Navigator of Highland, Acts and Scenes are indented and organized to make it easy for you to jump from one scene to the next. In addition, each Scene is numbered in sequential order from beginning to end.

When you click "Show Preview", Highland formats your Treatment from Subtxt to make it presentable and ready to print or to Save to PDF.

Highland's Preview of a Subtxt Treatment

Saving to PDF results in a document devoid of structure, and rich in storytelling and meaning.

A PDF of a Subtxt Treatment in Preview

Just the way you always imagined it. 😊

Downloading a Treatment for Use in General Writing Applications

Many writers prefer to write in a distraction-free environment, without all the bells and whistles of modern word-processors or extensive Markdown-assisted applications.

For those writers, Subtxt offers the generic Markdown download.

Opening this downloaded file in a Markdown-enabled writing app (like iA Writer) reveals the text of your Treatment with simple styling to keep everything organized.

Opening A Subtxt Treatment in ia Writer

As with the Fountain version, clicking "Show Preview" in iA Writer reveals a nicely formatted version of your treatment.

iA Writer's Preview of a Subtxt Treatment

And, when you Export to a PDF from iA Writer, you are presented with the perfect file to send off to your agent or writing group.

Subtxt Treatment PDF from Markdown

Downloading a Treatment for Use in Scrivener

For those who prefer the organization capabilities of Scrivener, Subtxt offers an easy way for you to get a head start on creating index cards and preparing your document for your next draft.

The following only works for Scrivener v.3.2.3 and above. If you're experiencing problems importing your treatment, make sure you upgrade to the latest and greatest version of Scrivener.

In contrast to the simple Markdown or Fountain approach, Scrivener requires a little extra work.

First, create a Blank document in Scrivener.

Creating a Blank Document in Scrivener

Second, select Files > Import and then Import and Split

Importing and Splitting into Scrivener

Select your downloaded Markdown file from Subtxt (with the extension .md).

Make sure "Split and structure using Markdown headings in the text" and "Convert Markdown" are selected before you click Import.

Importing Markdown File into Scrivener

Once loaded, you'll find the Treatment split into Acts alongside the right, along with each Scene split out into its own card.

An Imported Subtxt Treatment in Scrivener

Selecting the Corkboard finds those same Scenes organized into Acts ready for you to visualize and implement as you write your next draft.

Implementing the Corkboard View in Scrivener