The Throughline View

Moving on from the initial summaries, we now take a look at the Storypoints and Storybeats available in each of the Four Throughlines.

The Throughline View in Subtxt

Across the top of this view, you'll find a set of tabs corresponding to the Throughline in question.

The Throughline section is where you work out the progression of narrative from each point-of-view. A complete story is one where the story looks at conflict from four distinct perspectives.

  • The Objective POV, or Plot
  • The Subjective POV, or Main Character
  • The alternative Subjective POV, or Influence Character
  • The emotional relationship between Players (usually the Main Character and Influence Character)

These Four Throughlines are analogies to the four perspectives our minds take when addressing inequity:

  • The Objective Story Throughline Plot takes the POV of They
  • The Main Character Throughline takes the POV of I
  • The Influence Character Throughline takes the POV of You
  • The Relationship Story Throughline takes the POV of We

With Subtxt, you first want to work your way through each Throughline, illustrating each as if it were its own separate thread within your story. Afterwards, you'll take what you've written in the Throughline views and weave them together into Scenes that you will eventually write from.

For those writing a Storyform with a Holistic Mindset, you'll note that the order of the Throughlines shifts from what you see in the default Linear model. This shift takes into account the Holistic's preference for inside-out appreciation of conflict (subjective to objective), as opposed to the Linear approach of working top-down (objective to subjective).