Summarizing the Throughlines

The first place to start when illustrating your story with Subtxt is to dive into an overall summary of the Four Throughlines.

From top to bottom, you'll see the Four Throughlines listed and color-coded:

  • Objective Story Plot (gray)
  • Main Character Throughline (blue)
  • Influence Character Throughline (green)
  • Relationship Story Throughline (purple)

These color queues exist throughout Subtxt. Anytime you see an interface shaded blue, that particular Storypoint or Storybeat refers to the Main Character Throughline; if purple, know that you're working with the Relationship Story Throughline.

When you're ready to illustrate a particular Throughline, click on the gold Illustrate button to create that Storypoint in your story.

Dramatica theory aficionados will recognize these Summaries as correlating to the Concerns of each Throughline.