Storytelling and Subtext

Storybeats and Storypoints are divided into two main sections:

  • Storytelling
  • Subtext

In short, the Storytelling is what happens in the story and what your Audience will see or read. Subtext is the underlying motivation beneath it all.

Storytelling, Subtext, and Subtxt AI

Subtxt AI takes a different approach with Storybeats than it does with Storypoints. For the Storybeats, Subtxt AI generates Storytelling--helping you quickly brainstorm alternate ideas for a particular beat within your story. For Storypoints, Subtxt AI generates the Subtext--granting you an understanding of how that particular point works throughout your entire story.

With Storypoints, it makes more sense to have the AI help you understand WHY the Storypoint is needed before you decide on HOW you want to illustrate it within your story. Sometimes, the Subtext is enough for you to get a good enough idea of what is all about, and then you can move on. Other times, you might want to add on to it by writing something in the Storytelling section.

With Storybeats, it makes more sense to have the AI generate a bunch of ideas for Storytelling that you can then later analyze for Subtext and meaning.

Subtxt AI and Your Story

Whenever Subtxt seeks to summarize either a Storypoint or Storybeat of your story, it proceeds in this order:

  • Storytelling (since this is your story)
  • Subtext
  • Story Specific Illustration
  • General Illustration
  • Element direct from the Storyform

If either of these is left blank, Subtxt moves down the chain to find the first one you illustrated. If you haven't illustrated that particular Storypoint yet, and the AI needs to summarize it, Subtxt will generate a temporary understanding of the Storypoint and insert it into your summary.