Collaborating with the AI

Developing a story with Subtxt AI is no different than writing with a friend, or a team of writers. You need to be able to get your ideas across clearly and concisely, without going on and on exploring every single avenue of thought that pops into your head.

Keeping It Concise and Clear

Throughout Subtxt, those inputs for Storytelling and Subtext that are tied to an AI augmentation will notify you when you've written too much.

Too Much Storytelling

When you see this red number in the bottom right hand corner, know that you've extended your thoughts for this Storypoint or Storybeat beyond what the AI can handle.

You know that feeling when a friend asks you to look over their story, or some ideas for a story, and they give you pages and pages of notes that could stand a lot of editing? This is the same thing...only it's about working with a backend language system, rather than a living, breathing person.

Though really, it's the same idea.

The more concrete and concise you can be, the better results you will get from the AI.

While it was painful to get rid of some of the more broader ideas presented in the first version of the Storytelling example above, cleaning it up and getting to the heart of the matter really helped me focus in on what is most important for this Storybeat:

Just Enough Storytelling

If you go above and beyond the limit know that, while Subtxt will save your information, this paticular set of Storytelling will not be used when it comes to summarizing Storypoints or brainstorming ideas for your Storybeats. The system will default to a generic understanding of your Storypoint or Storybeat and you will miss out on making the story uniquely your own.

Don't Make it Too Short

That said, if you err on the side of caution and don't write enough, the AI will find it difficult to give anything constructive back to you. GPT-3 is all about human interaction and communication. The better you can hit that balance between too long and not enough, the better the collaboration experience will be for you.

Limitless Storytelling

Every time you click the AI DNA icon in Subtxt you're going to receive back something different. If you don't like what you get, try again!

Trying out different Illustrations from the dropdown, or entering Story-specific Illustrations, will also help when it comes to finding something perfect for your story. With the Unlimited Plan, you can tap that button over and over and over again until you stumble upon just the right answer.

This is also why there currently is no "1-button" complete story option (even though many writers ask for it!). While we could conceivably write the whole thing for you, the human-interaction-element (you) is extremely important to us. Not to say that we won't want to add that sometime in the future, but for now--it's You and AI.

Grab The Very Best Ideas

The very best way to use Subtxt AI is to generate a bunch of different ideas, each based on different Illustrations, Merge them into one cohesive thought, and then tap Continue to see what comes next.

If you take this approach for every Storybeat, we guarantee that you will end up with a complete and meaningful story.

  1. Set a General Illustration, or Story-specific one, and then tap the AI
  2. Tap the "Heart" icon to save the ideas that strike you as interesting.
  3. Set a different Illustration, and then tap the AI again, saving the ones that work

What is really great about this approach is that Subtxt will maintain the Thematic Intent of the Storybeat you're working on, while giving you room to explore all kinds of different ideas. This is the standout feature of the Subtxt approach to writing stories. While there are many tools out there that leverage GPT-3 for writing stories, Subtxt is the only application that makes sure what you get back is meaningful and tied to the theme of your story.

  1. Once you have enough ideas, tap Merge to bring them all together.

Sometimes, this just means Subtxt will copy and paste the exact same sentences into a single paragraph. Other times Subtxt might add some key insights or find a way to bridge all the ideas together. You can't go wrong with Merging, and again--if you don't like what you get, tap Merge again to get something different.

  1. If you like the Merge generation, tap Replace to have Subtxt replace your ideas with the single paragraph.
  2. Set another Illustration, and then tap Continue...

When you hit Continue, Subtxt will do more than simply generate ideas--the app will write what happens next in your story based on that Illustration and what you already have in the Storytelling box.