Explanations & Examples for Storypoints

Subtxt offers two methods for better understanding how a Storypoint works in your story. One is the Mentor Help button (the question mark), and the other is the Examples & Illustrations button (the info mark).

Tapping the question mark button brings up a detailed description of what this Storypoint accomplishes in a complete narrative.

Accessing Help within a Storypoint

Tapping the information mark button brings up an example of how this Storypoint appears in another story.

An Example of a Pivotal Element of Desire in The Batman

Here, we see that the Pivotal Element of desire that lay at the core of Aliens Dramatic Argument is also at the center of the argument for The Batman.

"Copy Illustration" will transfer the example Illustration here into the Storytelling for the Storypoint. "Next" and "Prev" scroll through other examples containing the same Pivotal Element.

An Example of a Pivotal Element of Desire in The Prestige

Here again, we see that desire also drives the Dramatic Argument of The Prestige. While all three films (Aliens, The Batman, and The Prestige) share the same core Pivotal Element they do differ in other areas of narrative. They are very very similiar--but not completely alike.

If you find yourself unsure of how a Storypoint should play out in your particular story, watch or read any of the examples listed below the Storypoint and see how it was successfully illustrated in a completed work.