Random Structures

Not sure what you want to say, but love writing stories?

Let Subtxt pick a random structure for you.

Adding a Narrative

Open up your Story, and then select Add and Random. Subtxt will search its extensive database of unique story structures, and pick one completely from random.

Once chosen, you'll be presented with a screen where you can confirm that you want to attach this narrative to your story.

Confirming Your Narrative

Review the Premise and the Key Storypoints of Subtxt's selected story structure.

:::tip Remember, the Premise is the essence of your story's structure. Plot events and character development are determined by this thematic message. Make sure it's something you want to write about, as everything that follows is based on it. :::

In addition, you'll find a handful of similar stories listed that approximate the same kind of structure based on Genre and key storypoints.

If this sounds like the kind of story you want to write--and you feel inspired to start writing--simply attach this narrative to your story by selecting Add Structure at the bottom of the page.

If you decide you want to try something else, tap Find Another and Subtxt will oblige by looking for another narrative.