Sliding Scale of Narrative Elements

One of the most important things a writer can understand when it comes to Subtxt and the Dramatica theory of story is the idea of a sliding scale when it comes to narrative elements.

Faith is not merely believing in something; it can be too much Faith in something, just as much as it could be not enough Faith.

And a lack of Faith IS NOT Disbelief...nor is it too much Disbelief.

Both Faith and Disbelief sit at polar opposites of the dynamic narrative spectrum.

To help with this understanding, Subtxt offers up insight into what too much, just enough, and too little looks like for every element:

Illustrations of Conscious

Open up any Method in Subtxt to find a list of Illustrations beneath the InstantScene box. These Illustrations give you a good idea of what this Method would look like within the context of a story.

Thanks to the many years of submissions from writers like you, Subtxt now sports thousands and thousands of illustrations. If the particular set in front of you doesn't strike your fancy (or doesn't inspire your next great scene), tap the Shuffle button, and Subtxt responds with another set for that Method.

Want to see all of the Illustrations for this particular piece of narrative?

Tap All:

Illustrations of Conscious Expanded

Subtxt responds with the entire list, but breaks them down in terms of intensity 😃

Now you can see just how flexible you can be with each Method AND maintain narrative integrity. The only thing the Audience cares about in terms of a method of Conscious is that it somehow hits that chord of consideration--whether it's too much, too little, or just enough is entirely up to you and your artistic sensibilities.