Plot Dynamic


in terms of the objective plot, actions force decisions


All stories have both Action and Decision, however one will take precedence over the other. Typically, one defines an Action story as having more Action or more intense Action than a Decision story. This view is overly influenced by how the story is told rather than what it represents. Dramatica takes a different view of Action and Decision. Either Actions force the need for Decisions or Decisions force the need for Actions in order to advance the plot. Over the course of the story as a whole (independent of the nature of the Main Character), if Actions precipitate the progression of the plot, it is an Action story. The question to ask in regards to any particular story is which comes first to move the story along, not which is there more of. Action stories will begin with an Action, be marked at the beginning and end of every Act by an Action, and will end with a climactic Action. If it were not for unforced Actions taking place in an Action story, the story would dwindle until another Action occurred.