Relationship Story Domain

The story as it relates to the relationship and conflict between the Main and Influence Characters

Practical Usage

The heart of every story. Without this Throughline, a story feels emotionless and concerned more with satisfaction than any real fulfillment. Covering the relationship between the Main Character and the Influence Character, the Relationship Story Throughline is where true emotion happens and where we as an Audience can visit the conflict and attempts to resolve that conflict that exist in the space between us. Once erroneously referred to as the "Main vs. Impact" Throughline, this part of the story is all about the conflict that arises in our relationships with others.


The passionate argument of a story is carried by the relationship between the story's Relationship Story Characters namely, the Main and Influence Characters. The examination of their internal states and the articulation of the story's passionate argument makes up the Relationship Story Throughline. This is not the view from within the shoes of either the Main or Influence Characters, but is rather like an Overall (Objective) view of their relationship. It is a view of their story together which always sees both of them.