Objective Story Domain

the plot as it concerns the story goal

Practical Usage

When you step outside of a story and look at all the characters as "Them", you are looking at the Objective Story Throughline. From here the characters look more like functions rather than actual people. Protagonist. Antagonist. Guardian. Skeptic. Their roles within the story take center stage from this perspective. When you think of a story, you're thinking of the Objective Story Throughline.


The Objective Story Line is a distinct act by act sequence of events that involves all of the Overall Throughline Story Points and none of the Relationship Throughline Story Points. It represents the dispassionate argument of the story, emphasizing events and relationships in a purely cause and effect way. This is not to say that it has nothing to do with the meaning of a story, only that it is not the WHOLE story. Meaning in stories comes from comparing the Objective view of a story with the Subjective view that comes from within the story.