Main Character Domain

the general area in which The Main Character operates

Practical Usage

The Main Character is that part of a story that reveals an intimate personal look at problem-solving. Covering the personal baggage that exists within the Main Character and the Main Character alone, this Throughline gives an Audience the opportunity to experience act-by-act, the process by which one goes about resolving their personal differences.


Everything the Main Character does and represents that primarily relates to him alone, as opposed to specific relationships he has with other characters, can be said to be part of the Main Character Throughline. There are four different perspectives in the structure of any story represented by the combination of each of the four Classes with each of the four Throughlines: the Objective Story Throughline, the Relationship Story Throughline, the Impact Character Throughline, and the Main Character Throughline. The Main Character Throughline describes in the broadest single term what the Main Character represents and the area in which the Main Character operates within the story.